Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coloring Pages Starring...YOU!

Recently, I came across a photo editing site called Picnik. It is completely free to use. Basically, you upload the photo you want, and choose different filters to edit the picture.

There is one editing option called Pencil Sketch. Using this option, you can create your own coloring pages. Wouldn't this be great for the classroom?!?

To demonstrate how this works, I'll use this picture.

Upload your photo to Under the "Edit" tab, there is an icon that says, "Effects." There you will find Pencil Sketch. You may need to scroll down until you see it.

Once you've chosen Pencil Sketch, set the Radius to 5. Depending on how light or dark you want the picture to be, choose a strength. I set mine to 37%.

After this, click on the "Save & Share" tab. Here you can save your picture as a .jpeg file. My finished product looks like this.

Now that you've saved the picture, open Microsoft Word and insert your picture into a blank file. Resize the picture so it fits most of the page and - voila! - instant coloring page!

I think I will be taking my students' pictures come Monday.

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