Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!

Kindergarten is getting in the fall spirit. Today, we made scarecrows. I had originally saw a scarecrow like this in an Oriental Trading catalog. However, they cost $8 to make 12. Mine cost $3 for 24. (I bought cream colored paper plates at Hobby Lobby). You could easily get away with making these for free though!

Below are pictures to give you an idea of how we made our scarecrows. 

First, we cut out two pink circles for the cheeks, an orange triangle for the nose, a brown hat, a brown "rim" for the hat, and 15 strips of yellow construction paper cut with scrapbooking scissors. The yellow strips are the most time consuming. (315 strips is enough for 21 students.)


Next, glue the cheeks and nose onto the plate. The students used a marker to draw the smile and eyes. I had to remind the students to draw the eyes close to the nose because we would be attaching the hat and hair later. Set the plate aside, and glue the rim to the hat. 

This is probably the hardest step. I gave each child 15 pieces of hair. I told them to glue 2 on top of the hat, 3 on the bottom, and 5 on each side. MAKE SURE TO REMIND THEM TO GLUE THESE TO THE BACK OF THE HAT! (I didn't think of that right away.) 


I decided to use tacky glue to glue the hat to the plate. That way, they would stay together longer in the hallway. My teacher's aide came up with the idea to use fake flowers instead of paper ones. Luckily, she had enough lying around for the whole class! We hot glued those on. We also added a little bow for an extra touch! 

It only took about 45 minutes total to complete this project. One of the easier ones. Trust me…there have been worse!!

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